Want to Make the Holidays Easy?

Would you like to breeze through the holidays, enjoying food without over-doing it, exercising, getting plenty of sleep, saying “no” when needed, and enjoying family and friend gatherings?

It’s not too good to be true!

With holidays approaching, boundaries often get trampled and it’s easy to put self-care on the sidelines. We argue that “other things are more important” as we skip yet another workout or get by with too-little sleep for several days running. Or we justify a third piece of fudge with “Christmas only comes once a year…”

With forethought and planning you can be intentional and have that “breezy” holiday experience. The first – and most important – thing is to believe that you can, that you have control and are not at the mercy of others.

Consider these three hacks to create more ease, satisfaction and joy this season:

  1. Decide what you want to feel on the other end of it. What’s most important for you the weeks leading up to the holiday? Decide and say “no” to the rest. It’s easy to over-commit, sometimes because it all sounds like fun stuff. Sometimes because you feel obligated. But be thoughtful with your time—spend it where it’s most valuable.
  2. Be drama-free. You do not have to participate in anyone’s crazy. Observe, be loving, but do not get sucked in. And, do not expect others to behave differently; changing how you respond will make the difference for you.
  3. Make health a priority. Sleep, movement, nutrition, hydration, meditation…whatever you do, keep doing it. Resist the all-or-nothing pattern of putting these habits on the back burner. Be flexible where needed, but be determined. These habits keep you sane and healthy.

What do you want the next six weeks to look and feel like? Better yet, how do you want to feel on January 1? Be intentional, be vigilant and finish out the year strong, excited for new possibilities!

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