Top 50 Ways to Burn More Calories

Turning 50 inspired me to launch my “Year of 50.” So, each month this year I’ll be sharing my “Top 50” tips and ideas on all things health and wellness. This month I wrapped up my ‘Top 50 Ways to Burn More Calories.’ In case you’ve missed some, or forgotten a few, here’s a recap:

  1. be inefficient around the house
  2. make multiple trips unloading the car
  3. balance on one foot
  4. 2-minute exercise breaks
  5. standing desk
  6. knee extensions while sitting
  7. use a stability ball as a chair
  8. avoid the drive-thru
  9. dance (even just a little) when music is playing
  10. park once and walk to all the stores in the shopping center
  11. park far away
  12. take the stairs

    Top 50 Ways to Burn More Calories
    Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash
  13. yard work
  14. fidget
  15. sit up straight
  16. calf raises in the checkout line
  17. get up & move during commercials
  18. wash the windows
  19. clean the floors
  20. vacuum
  21. jumping jacks between weight sets
  22. back-to-back strength training sets
  23. increase your walking pace
  24. swing your arms while walking
  25. add hills/incline to walking/treadmill
  26. hands off the rails (unless you need them for balance)
  27. a little caffeine (sans sugar)
  28. bike your errands
  29. knit or crochet
  30. sing to the music
  31. wash the car
  32. add 5 minutes to your usual workout
  33. if you’re not already, start strength training
  34. cardio push (intervals)
  35. exercise more often
  36. don’t skip meals
  37. eat breakfast
  38. get 7-8 hours’ sleep
  39. meditate to reduce stress
  40. chew gum
  41. red-light ab workout
  42. mini-workout during commercials
  43. walk the escalator
  44. walking meetings
  45. play pool
  46. miniature golf
  47. go bowling
  48. play darts
  49. volunteer

#50: Do it. The trap is to think, “What difference will that really make?” The truth is, small steps lead to big results. You need to take the right small steps, and take many of them over a period of time. So, pick a few and enjoy the process.
A side benefit I didn’t expect is that in making this list I’m reminded to do them, too. Just yesterday I did the red-light ab workout instead of being irritated that I had taken surface streets to the post office rather than the freeway. Bonus!

If you need further details on any of these you’ll find five posts of ten tips each, including some videos, during this past month at Facebook. And, be on the lookout tomorrow when I launch my Top 50 Ways to Stay Healthy (and Not Gain Weight) During the Holidays.

Share with me below your favorite of the Top 50 Ways to Burn More Calories and let me know which ones you’re putting into action.

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