Top 5 ways to burn more calories

Ever notice that busy doesn’t equal active? I mean, you can be busy all day but burn very few calories, take very few steps… basically spend hours getting stuff done with very little movement.

I think that’s why one of your favorite Year of 50 topics was my “Top 50 Ways to Burn More Calories.”

burn more calories
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In wrapping up my Year of 50 this month, I decided to focus on the top 5 of those 50 to help you easily squeeze in activity on those especially hectic days:

1. Be inefficient: I know it feels unnatural in our productivity-driven culture, but hear me out. Instead of trying to carry everything from your car into the house (or office) in one overloaded trip, take two or three. You’re much less likely to drop something or injure yourself (like straining your pinky finger by using it to carry a gallon of milk or tripping because you lose your balance). And take the long way when walking to the elevator, bathroom or a colleague’s office. Keep asking, “how can I move more?”

2. Stand while working: You know sitting is the new smoking, right? Put your laptop on a counter top or invest in a standing desk. Hold standing meetings – people will get to the point much more quickly.

3. Red light ab workout: Instead of reaching for your phone at a red light, try this mini workout. Sit slightly away from the back of the seat, but not completely upright so that your abdominal muscles work to support you rather than the seat. Do this at every red light and it will add up to several minutes of an isometric ab exercise.

4. Calf raises in the check out line: People may look, but who cares. You can also stand up and do it in your office for a great mini break. When you find yourself standing still for any period of time, it’s a good opportunity.

5. Workout during commercials: It doesn’t need to be complicated or fancy. Do jumping jacks, calisthenics, dance moves, weights… anything, just move. Whether it’s the news or your favorite show, 2-3 minutes during each commercial break adds up to several minutes of exercise during just one show.

Keep looking for opportunities to be active, especially on days when exercise doesn’t fit your schedule or you plain “just don’t feel like it.” The more you seek to be active, the more natural it will become. It’s gotta be a habit for you to be consistent.

What’s your favorite way to burn more calories?

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