Is there a guaranteed way to lose weight?

Absolutely. If you follow through consistently, experiment, and don’t give up you are guaranteed weight loss. 

Not quite what you were thinking? Perhaps you want the guarantee to include the weight coming off easily. Where you never hit a plateau. And you don’t crave junk food in the office breakroom. 

What if you could be guaranteed weight loss in spite of your wish list not being fulfilled? 

But first, realize that if you keep doing the same thing you’ve always done, you are guaranteed to not lose weight. Or to lose it and regain it. That’s the guarantee you know. The guarantee that’s comfortable, even when it’s not. 

We often want a guarantee when faced with a decision that involves a significant investment of money, time or energy. Or sometimes a combination of all three, at which point we really desire surety that we’re making the right decision.

What we actually want is to avoid making a mistake because avoiding the pain of making a mistake is more important to us than the success that may come from a new direction. So, we decide to stay where we are, not take a risk…to stay safe.

But that gets us more of the same, which has its own pain.

Sometimes women who consider hiring me to be their coach say they want a guarantee that they will get results. But they are looking for a guarantee from the wrong person. I can show them how to stop self-sabotage. I can use neuroscience and nutrition, give them tools and strategies, to reach their ideal weight. I can help with many things. 

But I cannot guarantee they will commit and follow through. Only they can guarantee their own results.

The issue is often this: do you trust yourself to follow through? 

guaranteed weight loss

When we make decisions out of fear of failure, we guarantee that we’ll just keep getting what we currently have. And that might mean things are getting worse.

Sometimes we’ve made decisions in the past that didn’t pan out. I sure have. But I learn from them, using those experiences to make better decisions in the future. I do not label those as “failures” or allow them to paralyze me. 

Are you waiting for a guarantee to lose weight? Stop. Instead, explore the risk of moving forward. And then explore the risk of not moving forward. Ask what you need in order to trust yourself and decide to make a decision that moves you more in the direction of what you really want. 

When you do move forward it will not be with an external guarantee, but with knowing that you have your own back to make it work, no matter what. You got this!

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