The Top 5 Ways I Keep Fit Over 50

At 40, I recall looking at a picture of myself at 32. I was on the beach in Ensenada with a few girlfriends for my bachelorette party, wearing a tankini. Dang, I looked good. But you know what? I didn’t appreciate it at the time. It wasn’t good enough.

It was during my forties that I gradually reframed my thoughts on aging. And when I hit 50, it somehow clicked into place. I dropped the last 10 lbs. 

Today, I want to share with you the top five ways that I  keep fit over 50:

  1. Exercise is a genuine habit.It’s not something I try to fit in. It’s part of my lifestyle. I do it five to six days a week, barring significant illness or injury. Even then, I can usually do something, either modified or tapered back. I’ve developed the identity of a regular exerciser.
  2. I got serious about strength training. It’s not my favorite and even when I was a personal trainer in the 90s most of my personal exercise routine consisted of cardio. Mentally, I had to decide it was a priority to build and preserve my muscle mass so that I could be strong and healthy for the next 50. This was no longer about wearing a bikini (which never provided the motivation I needed). 
  3. Stretching is a necessity if I want to feel good. I have a 15-minute (or more!) evening routine that starts with a device I use that helps keep my cervical spine hydrated and flexible. Then I do a few Kundalini Yoga movements mixed in with some static and dynamic stretches. If I’m sitting a lot during the day, I get up and stretch my chest, hip flexors and neck. These alone have an incredible effect on how I feel and move throughout the day. 
  4. I’m totally okay with feeling hungry. For most of my life, I ate the moment I felt any bit of hunger. Like I was afraid to get too hungry (with good reason…it feels terrible and leads me to overeat). But I’ve learned enough about the cues to know when I genuinely need to eat and when I can wait (which is most of the time). Instead of eating soon after waking, I’m able to wait 2-3 hours. I no longer snack between breakfast and lunch. And I’m done with food at dinner. No more after-dinner snacking. Even the “healthy” kind. 
  5. Whole plants are the priority in my diet. I’m always looking for ways to get more into my day. And I’m always looking to trade out refined carbohydrates for whole grains. Even when animal protein is on the menu, I add plants. Like when we have eggs and sausage on a Saturday morning, you can bet a sweet potato, avocado, salsa and grapefruit are on the plate, too. At a Thai restaurant I’m trading out white for brown rice and my protein is tofu. Dessert for me is a couple of dates dipped in almond butter. Because my mind is focused on plants, it feels abnormal to not eat them. 

Keeping Fit Over 50

These habits did not start out feeling natural. I’m not someone who grew up in an athletic, or even active, family. I don’t get a high from exercise (they say it exists, but I have yet to find it). I used to think stretching was unproductive (even though I knew better). There was a time I felt deprived if I didn’t have a little dark chocolate every night. And a time when I regularly told myself I was “starving” and needed a snack. 

What I really want you to know is, I created a lifestyle that’s thoroughly enjoyable! I curated habits that feel good. I’m not rigid, but I don’t slack off. This isn’t a drudgery. It’s how I’ve learned to enjoy food and love life. 

And you can do the same. In a way that works well for you. That feels good to you. That you genuinely enjoy. 

Want to curate a healthy lifestyle that you love?  Let’s talk! 

7 Practical Steps to Cultivate Better Balance and Wellbeing

In the daily rush, better balance and wellbeing can feel elusive. Like something we’ll get to when life gets back to normal. But here’s the thing: there is no perfect time. And trust me – you have the tools at your disposal to make it achievable. 

Here are seven practical steps you can take to cultivate genuine wellbeing, lasting balance, and even make strides towards your health and weight loss goals. As you consider each one, embrace the idea that these aren’t distant ideals but attainable realities.

**Step 1: Reduce Mental Overwhelm**

The stories we tell shape our lives. When you dwell on busyness, ruminate on past decisions, or indulge in self-pity, you create overwhelm for yourself. If you catch yourself doing this, redirect your focus to what you do control and identify your next best step. When you strike this mental balance, overwhelm subsides. 

**Step 2: Prioritize Your Wellbeing**

Reclaim your personal time. Block out weekends on your calendar. If that feels like too much, start with a few hours here and there. Ensure you make time for regular moments of rejuvenation and enjoyment. 

**Step 3: Disconnect to Reconnect**

Our digital age requires that we create our own work-life balance, because tech won’t automatically do it for us! Silence non-urgent notifications from apps and email, and create automated weekend email responses, soaking in a little peace and quiet. 

Photo by Annemiek Smegen on Unsplash

**Step 4: Mindful Moments**

I’ll be honest. I like to scroll now and then. IG has some freaking funny cat reels and 80’s GenX videos that I totally relate to. But mindless scrolling can end up wasting time rather than refreshing us. Find intentional ways to savor your free time. Tune into the beauty around you, compliment a stranger, or strike up a chat. Treat these mindful moments like a spa day for your mental and emotional health.

**Step 5: Reduce Sugar Intake**

Sugar might give you a quick pick-me-up, but it can wreck you on the other end. Blood sugar swings and urges for more sugar leave you exhausted. (Not to mention beating yourself up for eating junk food that you really didn’t want and made you feel like crap.) Have your go-to meals and snacks ready for any situation. And stay hydrated with water. Your mind and body will be all smiles!

**Step 6: Seek Support**

Whether you’re struggling in your personal or professional life, don’t hesitate to reach out for support. Simply discussing issues with colleagues, friends or mentors can build a network to help maintain your health. If you need more focused support for challenges related to sticking with healthy habits, consider coaching with me.

**Step 7:Use the Key Word**

Balance is all about knowing when to say yes and when to wield the mighty “no.” While saying yes can be tempting, it’s essential to say no when overcommitting would tip the scales. Embrace the power of saying no in order to protect your time, energy, and well-being.

When life comes at you fast, balance is your ticket to success, personally and professionally. It’s not a static place to “get to” but rather a way of life that you cultivate. Keep prioritizing better balance and wellbeing; they’re your path to being a Healthy Hottie and living the life you want.

7 Ways I’ve Made My Life Ridiculously Easier

7 Ways I've Made My Life Ridiculously Easier

Want to make life easier? I do. But not just easier. I only want to make life easier if it also makes life better and creates a healthier outcome. Because sure, it’s easier to let dirty dishes stack up in the sink day after day, but the eventual cockroach infestation is a big turn off.

In my life, I’ve found a number of ways to make things easier that I want to share with you: 

  1. Calm the self-critic: Berating myself for mistakes was exhausting. Now when I get something wrong, I acknowledge that it sucks, then remind myself that it’s perfectly human to mess up, and give myself grace (thank you, Kristen Neff, for this cool exercise). The mental energy I save is liberating.
  2. Plan food and follow through: This saves drama and makes it 10x easier to not overeat or make food choices driven by emotion. Deciding ahead of time means I’ve taken into consideration the things that are important to me (health, stamina, taste) and I don’t have to spin and wonder what to eat, or second-guess my plan. Do this and you can trust your choices were made from love for your future self and a desire to be your best.
  3. Let people be who they are: I want to change my husband’s behavior. And people I work with. Some family members, too. Come on, I’m a coach. I have great ideas that will make life better if they just listened to me. Turns out, people don’t like to be coached against their will. (Or told what to do by anyone.) I may have influence in the lives of people around me, but not control. I trust that someone may know something I don’t, and have a better understanding or approach than I do. I relax when I let go of the mental scheming of trying to change someone else and allow them to have their own journey.
  4. Stay focused on the task at hand: One small way I’ve done this is with my morning getting-ready-routine. I used to break away midway through the first coat of mascara to check email or start breakfast. Inevitably my attention was drawn away for longer than planned. Task switching wastes time and, more importantly, saps your brain’s energy. 
  5. Allow people to be disappointed: In a desire to please others, we fib. We don’t want to go to that function or do that thing, but instead of politely saying so we make up excuses, which feels icky. And we have to keep the excuses straight. Or, we give in and do it, grumbling inside. Trying to manage how other people feel is draining and takes away from anything productive or relaxing you may want to do.
  6. Get it out and schedule it: Clients tell me it’s overwhelming to continually carry over to-do’s they don’t complete, or have 17 tasks in their head that they keep “remembering” need to get done. The minute I notice something nagging at me, I realize it’s only in my mind. Right away I get it on paper and calendar it. Relief! And I don’t plan 13 hours or work for an 8-hour day, or allow tasks that are weeks out to get continually copied onto the next to-do list. They are scheduled and forgotten, until I need to do them. 
  7. Love the toddler, but don’t give her the wheel: My toddler brain acts up often. Like when it’s time to shut down social media and she begs to scroll. Or when I take out stir-fry ingredients to prepare dinner and she argues that pizza is better and quicker. Whenever I allow my toddler to take the wheel, regret follows. Because I didn’t accomplish what I wanted, which means I didn’t keep my word to myself. I’ve learned to acknowledge my toddler and understand why she wants what she wants, but then let her know I have a different plan. And I’m sticking to it. 

I know my seven ways to make life easier are not quick hacks. You’ve probably employed all the easy ones and you don’t need me for that. 

And yes, these take focus and effort to implement. But I promise that if you cultivate the mindset shifts and habits I offer, your life can be ridiculously easier in all areas. By the way, coaching can help with that. 

7 Ways I've Made My Life Ridiculously Easier
Photo by Kristin Brown on Unsplash

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