Top 50 Things to Focus on Instead of Losing Weight

They say a watched pot never boils. Ever notice it’s like that with weight loss – the more you watch the scale, the more you focus on losing weight, the longer it takes to be successful?

That’s why this month I’m sharing my “Top 50 things to focus on instead of losing weight.” So, while you’re doing all the right things, take your focus off the scale and try putting it on a few of these:

    1. Health – choose one aspect to improve or address
    2. Energy levels
    3. Fitness level
    4. Strength for daily activities – work to improve your strength so they become easier
    5. Posture
    6. Balance
    7. Flexibility
    8. Building resilience to handle setbacks
    9. Capacity – creating space and margin for what’s most important
    10. Meditation
    11. Vocational satisfaction
    12. Family connections
    13. Your partner’s happiness
    14. Your happiness (unrelated to weight!)
    15. Relaxation
    16. Fun & recreation
    17. Simplifying your calendar
    18. Reading on a new subject
    19. Revisiting a favorite book
    20. Learning a new language
    21. Cooking a new type of food (e.g. Moroccan)
    22. Being a bad a$$
    23. Community involvement
    24. Serving the under-served
    25. Finding ways to be kindEver notice when you're trying to lose weight, the more you watch the scale, the more you focus on losing weight, the longer it takes to be successful?
    26. A new hobby
    27. Re-acquainting yourself with a hobby from your past
    28. Discovering the positive in each situation
    29. Finding the lesson in anything
    30. Being your best self
    31. Spiritual formation
    32. Mental stimulation
    33. Beautifying your environment
    34. Contentment
    35. Clearing out clutter
    36. Seeking to see the best in people whom you normally would not
    37. The awesomeness of nature
    38. Finding new outdoor adventures
    39. How much you already have
    40. Learning a new sport or activity
    41. What you appreciate in others
    42. Stewarding your finances
    43. Being generous
    44. Building up others
    45. Strengthening friendships
    46. Keeping a (mostly) weed-free yard
    47. Daily brushing & flossing
    48. How much water you drink
    49. Gratitude
    50. Enjoying the present moment

In deciding where to place your focus, consider what sounds fun, interesting or motivating. As you engage in the necessary behaviors to reach your goals and focus on really living well, the weight tends to follow.

Where will you choose to focus?

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