How can hacks help you reach your goals?

I’m a sucker for hacks, tips…anything to reach my goals faster.  From simplifying techniques to business strategies, I love them!  I offer them, too, like my 10 Hacks to start losing weight and feeling better.

But do hacks help you reach your goals?


Hacks work if…

  • you’re all-in
  • you stay focused
  • you’re picky

Ever watched a curling tournament? The skip sees the entire curling sheet, keeping her eyes on the stone and calling out to players to sweep as needed. The sweepers judge the weight of the stone, ensure the length of travel is correct and call out back to the skip.

Image by Photo Mix by Pixabay

Hacks are kinda like the skip. Here’s what I mean:

  • Like a skip during play, hacks are helpful once you prioritize and take action. Otherwise you gather a bunch of information, getting overwhelmed and stuck.
  • The players are intent on the game and the skip’s calls. They don’t listen to folks on the sidelines or wonder what a different skip would call. When you apply hacks that work, stick with them. Accumulating more tips, wondering if they work better, pulls focus and stops momentum.
  • The player sees what the skip can’t. The Giver of Hacks (cool title, right?) is unaware that you have a controlling boss who doesn’t appreciate that using the bathroom two floors down helps you fit in some extra steps during your work day. Or that you hate beets, and don’t care they’re an antioxidant aphrodisiac. Take what you like, drop the rest.

Hacks lead to better game play, and more success. For weight loss, it looks like this:

  • Once you decide “I want to start losing weight,” gather information. Until you commit, the info sits there like a judgmental college professor looking down his nose at you for a C- on your term paper.
  • Experiment with strategies to find what works. Once you find them, focus. Chasing shiny objects slows your progress.
  • No Giver of Hacks knows you better than you. Have your own back and trust yourself.

I’m guilty of chasing the hottest new hack. You know what’s new, though? Just about nada.

When I stay committed to what works… ta da, it does. You don’t need the new sexy thing when boring is getting the job done. 😉

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