3 Ways to Solve a Common Problem that’s Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

A huge problem a client comes to me with is one she doesn’t necessarily know she has. Or if she knows it exists, she doesn’t realize it’s a problem. One that’s sabotaging her day-by-day. 

It’s an issue of trust. 

Specifically, trusting herself. Trusting that she can follow through. That she can lose weight. That she can sustain a truly healthy, enjoyable lifestyle. She believes others can do it. That it can be done. But she doesn’t trust that she can do it. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say, she doesn’t have faith that she will do it.

Why is that?

Trusting yourself means having a belief in your own reliability. Your abilities. Your strength. And if you haven’t proven this to yourself in the past, it doesn’t come easy.

Do you trust yourself? 

Do you believe that you can stay on track and reach your goals? 

No matter what life throws at you? 

Do you believe that you have what you need to be successful?

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If you don’t yet, or the trust is shaky, you can build it up. And you must if you want to consistently follow through and reach your goals. Here are three ways I recommend my clients do that:

  1. Keep your word to yourself: each time you promise you’ll do something and then don’t, trust degrades. Build it up by doing what you say you’ll do. And don’t over-promise yourself. Small steps are always the way to big results. 
  2. Neutralize negative self-talk: if someone you know were to always point out what you do wrong and regularly criticize you, would you rely on her in your time of need? Would you seek her support? There’s no trust there. When the self-criticism starts up, notice and neutralize it. You won’t believe in your own abilities if you’re constantly tearing yourself down.
  3. Take action, no matter what: stop waiting for the right time. For your schedule to get back to normal. For the medical problems to resolve. For things to be, essentially, perfect. All this waiting cements your belief that it’s not possible. That life’s circumstances are getting in the way and you can’t stop them. The truth is, there’s no perfect time. Take the next indicated step. And the next one. Do not stop.

As you put these into practice, you will experience failure. A time you don’t follow through. Or speak critically to yourself. A time you don’t take the next best step. This is an opportunity to learn. To give yourself grace. And when you do, trust builds. And so does success. One step at a time.

One last thing to consider…

Can other people trust you? My guess is, yes. How can you become at least as trustworthy with yourself as you are with others?  

3 ways to control food cravings and stop sabotaging your weight loss

3 ways to control food cravings and stop sabotaging your weight loss

Recently I started asking new members of my Group what they really need to know when it comes to losing weight and getting healthy. The most common response is “how to control food cravings.” Whether for sweets or salty, the desire is to crave those foods less, and eat more of the healthy stuff.

And it’s the issue that most of my coaching clients wrestle with when they first hire me.

And it’s the issue that will continue to challenge you without an intentional plan of action.

Let’s start with a basic truth about cravings. The more you give into them, the stronger they become. And the more you resist them, the stronger they become.

“Well great” I can hear you saying.

But knowing this gives you power to control food cravings and I’ll share three ways to do that:

1. Be prepared: Food is designed to be uber palatable. Manufacturers use sugar, fat, salt and chemicals to create foods that previously didn’t exist. The better it tastes, the more you eat (and the more profit they make).

Our ancient ancestors didn’t crave foods like we do. They needed to eat to stay alive. So when they had a taste of something they liked, a little dopamine was released into the brain to motivate them to seek more of it.

But today these super palatable foods use your physiology against you by releasing more dopamine, which drives you to want more. Notice how a few strawberries are sufficient, but one chip/cookie never is?

3 ways to control food cravings and stop sabotaging your weight loss
Photo by Conor Brown on Unsplash

2. Be the observer: Notice the craving when it comes, like you’re watching a movie. You can say something to yourself like, “Oh, I see my brain really wants something sweet (salty) while watching a movie.”

Then normalize it, like “Of course I want that…Nabisco has spent a lot of money to make sure I do. And, it’s something I’ve been eating for a long time.” In this way you logically poke a bit of fun at the craving and don’t make it such a big deal.

3. Be honest, kind and firm: Acknowledge there is part of you that wants to eat the thing and part of you that doesn’t. And that’s okay. You’re figuring it out.

Pay close attention to what you make it mean when you have a craving. If you start to blame yourself for being weak, for having no willpower, notice how those thoughts feel. Hint, like $h!t. So, not helpful.

At this point you let your brain know, “Hey, I see you craving chocolate and I get it. But we’re not doing that right now.” Each time you do this, you not only control food cravings…you reduce future cravings.

Each time you go through this process, ask yourself what you really want. What you’re really craving. Yes, the dopamine in your brain wants the food, but the you underneath it all wants something else. Something better.

Learn to crave that.

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