Have you ever wondered how much you’re worth?

I got an email that asked “Have you ever wondered how much Heather is worth?”

My first thought was “priceless!”

But that wouldn’t always have been my gut reaction.

There were times when I based my self-perception on transient things.

Like my grades in school. If I was having a good day (or not). How I felt about my body at a particular moment.

At other times I based it on whether or not someone liked me. Or if I’d done a good job. Or if my boss, friend, client, or husband was happy.

The thing about self-perception is that it impacts how we treat ourselves.

Self-perception impacts how we treat ourselves. If you feel “fat” or like a failure… what do you do? Eat? Procrastinate? Ruminate?
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Think it all the way through. If you feel “fat,” like a failure, or simply a POS… what do you do? Eat? Procrastinate? Ruminate?

When my clients feel that way, they want to do anything to feel better. So, they tell themselves they deserve a break. Or a treat. Which usually leads to over-eating or a hangover the next morning.

We can’t control our self-perception if our self-worth is based on outside factors. It will fluctuate with the weather. People’s moods. The number on the scale.

Equally, if you allow imperfection to negatively color how you see yourself, you will always hold yourself in low regard. If your worth is based on your skills, talents, and what you can produce, then you’re hustling for approval. From others. From yourself.

So, I brought this discussion to a group of clients recently. One came up with a beautiful thought:

I’m just valuable because I am.

Let that sink in. What type of action would you take from the place of fully believing that? Even better, what wouldn’t you do if you believed that? Imagine what life would be like if you started from this place. Spend some time there in your mind and let it drive how you feel and behave.

How much are you worth? Yep. Priceless.

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