5 Decisions You Must Make to Have the Healthy Holiday Season You Want

I love this time of year and I want you to enjoy a healthy holiday season as much as I do. The thing is, without a plan, enjoyment often results in over-indulgence which becomes regret. Or it’s easy to get caught up in drama and stress, allowing circumstances to “ruin” the holidays.

But not this year. I’ll show you exactly what I do to create a healthy holiday season I love so that you can do it, too. One that has you feeling great on January 1st!

healthy holiday season

Here are the five decisions you must make to have the healthy holiday season you want:

  • Decide what the holidays mean for you: It could be family, your faith, connection with friends, being of service to others, travel…decide what you want this season to be about for you. Write a one sentence description of your ideal holiday season.
  • Decide how you want to feel on January 1: Don’t roll into the New Year at the effect of unintentional holiday habits. You have so much control over how the next six weeks go and how you come out of it on the 1st.
  • Decide your personal standards: When it comes to food, alcohol and exercise, what will you commit to for your health and well-being? Make your standards specific so you know exactly how to follow through (e.g. I will ride my bike a minimum of 15 minutes, three days per week from Thanksgiving through December). Balance graciousness with firmness.
  • Decide to be drama-free: Look ahead to anticipate what drama might come your way. Remember that other people get to do and say what they want (yes, they really do). You don’t have to participate in anyone’s crazy.
  • Decide on your schedule: What commitments do you want to accept, and how many? Alternately, how much downtime do you want? Make your decisions from a place of joy, not obligation or people pleasing.

Now, take these decisions and look out over the next six weeks. Create your plan. You’ve been through the holidays before and have a good idea of what might happen around you. What will you do and not do? How will you respond to people, situations, and invitations? Make a plan that allows for enjoyment and genuine self-care.

Through the process keep in mind how you want to feel during the holidays AND on January 1. You have absolute control over the five decisions – make your plan as though you believe that you do.

And if you want coaching through this process, enroll in my free No Regrets January challenge. We start November 28th. Can’t wait!


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