Have you tried losing weight without trying?

I bet your “scam” radar just skyrocketed, but hear me out. Losing weight without trying isn’t that crazy. 

I did it in 2019 by asking “What’s possible for my health and body this year? How can I take better care of myself?” Weight loss was a byproduct.

Try it. 

What’s possible for your weight and body  in 2023?

Do NOT base your answer on your past. Your past only equals your future when you let it. 

It’s hard to believe you can do something you haven’t done before. My clients always start out in some form of disbelief:

Jennifer K. felt like a “plump old lady”, hated exercise and ate when she was bored. Today, she’s 3 sizes down for 3 years and counting.

“I hate exercise and I love sugar,” said Chris C. who went from an XL to M, and now enjoys exercise and veggies, still leaving room for sweets 😊.

At 62, MIke V. couldn’t keep up with the outdoor sportsman lifestyle he loved. But after losing more than 40 lbs. he feels alive, “living the life I want.” At his last checkup, the doctor said they have nothing left to talk about! 😉

These clients didn’t use willpower. They changed what they believed was possible. One small step at a time.

Photo by Chang Ye on Unsplash

I challenge you to do it, too. Ask and answer these three questions:

  1. What do I really want for my health and body?
  2. What do I think about my body and my ability to achieve my goal?
  3. What’s the most helpful thought I believe about my body and my capabilities?

#3 is key. Don’t keep repeating something that your brain thinks is B.S. Try something that feels less negative, more neutral:

  1. Exercise isn’t my favorite thing (instead of “I hate exercise”)
  2. My past doesn’t have to equal my future (Instead of “I’ve never been able to do it/keep it off before)
  3. Maybe my body can change (Instead of “this is just how it is”)
  4. I have a body (Instead of picking apart everything you don’t like about it)
  5. Sugar isn’t the only thing I like  (instead of “I love sugar!”)

Start here. Don’t obsess about what you should and shouldn’t eat or push yourself to do exercise you hate. Losing weight without trying comes with consistent follow-through of healthy habits you genuinely enjoy. And that requires a rewire of your brain.  

Decide that this is your year to have the health and body you want. 

You don’t have to end up “back here” again. The actions are easy. You know what to do. Now manage your mind to get it done.

Why Setting New Year’s Resolutions can Thwart your Success

Please don’t set New Year’s resolutions! At least not today, because it can unintentionally become permission to mistreat your body during the holidays. 

Think about how easy it is to shrug off bad decisions… with “what does it matter if I overeat, under-sleep or over-commit myself? It’s ‘that’ time of year.”

A promise of starting in January hangs on the idea that life becomes perfect – or at least normal – as we flip the calendar page from December to January. But it’s no different than “I’ll start Monday.” Both give false hope and promote an off-and-on lifestyle that doesn’t lead to sustained health and fitness.

The real reason someone doesn’t consistently engage in healthy habits is that she gives other things greater priority. And that’s okay as long as it’s intentional. But when a busy schedule and over-stressed emotions are allowed to take over, and life develops an emergency feel, there is no room for wellness.

New Year's Resolutions
Photo by olia danilevich from Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/black-paper-beside-greeting-cards-6149084/

When “New Year’s resolutions” and “starting Monday” kinds of thinking are a pattern, it’s hard to step back and determine what’s needed in order to ultimately be successful. That’s because it promotes a belief that circumstances need to be better or we need to feel more motivated. The inevitable failures that come are energy draining, and undermine the self-confidence necessary to know that our health and weight loss goals can be achieved. That a healthy lifestyle is always possible. 

My favorite definition of commitment is the ability to follow through with a worthwhile decision once the emotion of making the decision has passed.  Once a commitment is made it’s time to live it—now—not put it off to an idyllic future time.  

No matter what this month holds for you, your work and your family, be intentional with your wellbeing. Take small daily steps that keep you on track with your healthy habits so that come January you feel confident in setting any goal you want.

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