This is how I know someone is serious about getting fit and healthy

Right now is an unlikely starting point for healthy habits. I mean, we’re mere weeks away from Halloween. The year is “almost over.” The holidays will be here before we know it.

But when someone does start now, I know… she’s committed, which means she’s more likely to follow through, no matter what life throws her way.

You might wonder how I can know that she’s not taking on too much or being unrealistic about what can be done. Honestly, I don’t. 

What I do know is that she’s not waiting for the right time, for life to get back to normal or her schedule to calm down. That if she’s decided something needs to change and she’s willing to take action, the foundation for transformation is there. 

Think about a time when you’ve decided to take action, even though it would be easier not to. Like enrolling in night classes to finish a degree while working full time with a toddler at home. Or signing up to train for a marathon while taking care of your aging parents and running a business. 

Being willing to take action and move forward when life isn’t perfect indicates a seriousness about the desire to change. So I know that when someone hires me as her coach in the fourth quarter, she’s ready to dive in and make the necessary shifts for greater wellbeing.

Because really, there’s never a better time to start feeling better. 

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And just imagine, if someone who does start her healthy habits now can get through the next few months, the muscle she’s building for taking action – even with tough circumstances – is incredible.  

Maybe you have a hard time getting motivated to even start healthy habits, or you’ve been inconsistent and feel like you’ve let yourself down. Or maybe you regularly pursue a healthy lifestyle, but you’re in a bit of a rut. If so, now is the perfect time to commit to change.

My challenge to you is this: intentionally choose the habits you want to change, add or subtract right now. Set a timeline to step-by-step implement the changes. Take small steps every day. And by the way, if you want a roadmap to establish a foundation and develop strategies for change, I’ve got a cost-effective tool for you here.

It’s not important that you lose 27 lbs by December 31st or that you massively change your diet and reduce your medications in the next 86 days. It’s about who you are becoming – the muscle you are building – by taking action everyday that feels uncomfortable. Because the more you take those actions, the less uncomfortable they become. 

And that’s when you’re ready for the next round of change. 

Why You Don’t Feel Motivated (and what to do about it)

Have you ever set a weight loss goal, got really clear on what you wanted, set up a realistic plan to get there, and then, after the initial burst of energy, your enthusiasm faded? Or maybe sometimes you don’t even get that far before you lose your motivation.

What happens?

It’s hard to put your finger on, I know. You still want to fit in your pants looking sexy as hell. You still want to come home from work with energy to do more than watch TV or scroll through social media.

But those desires aren’t enough to overcome the reluctance of “I just don’t feel like it.” Why not?

Essentially, our brains don’t want to do anything hard. Or scary. They don’t want us to venture out of the proverbial cave, but rather to stay warm and safe inside. (I love this short clip of an interview with author, Mel Robbins, on why motivation is garbage.)

What I know, and have personally experienced, is that waiting to feel motivated is a huge waste of time. Because it doesn’t happen. We only feel motivated when we cultivate thoughts that encourage a feeling of motivation.

Ever set a weight loss goal, put together a plan and started following it, then, after the initial burst of energy, your enthusiasm faded?Here are three ways to overcome the inertia of not feeling motivated:

  • Recognize and be intentional with even the small decisions. You know the voice that says “Oh, it’s just one cookie” and then you eat the cookie? Or a glass of wine, a few minutes snooze in the morning, a workout…it’s just one. But that insidious lie keeps you from reaching your deepest desires. Robins says “Your life comes down to your decisions and if you change your decisions you change everything.”
  • Ask “What do I want more than this?” I have an amazing coaching client to thank for this one. When you experience the desire to procrastinate, for example, by noshing on some chips, ask yourself that simple question. If you find yourself in the pantry too often, put it on a post-it where you’ll see it regularly and ask it before you even pick up the bag. It works.
  • “This is hard and I can do hard things” has become a mantra among my clients. We decide to look at doing hard things as the way we evolve to better, healthier versions of ourselves. It’s like when you work out: your cells develop better oxygen carrying capacity; your muscles tear down and build back stronger. But only because you did the hard thing of pushing yourself physically.

Please do not waste another moment waiting for motivation to strike to pursue your weight loss goal. Even serious authors know they have to write, day after day, even when they don’t feel like it. Even if they churn out crap sometimes. They keep going. And that’s what produces a best seller.

It’s kind of freeing to know that motivation is crap. No need to think something is wrong with you. No need to “wait” for it. You can learn to create your own motivation with your thoughts. So powerful, don’t you think?

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