3 Expert Tips to Avoid the Holiday Hangover

With just two weeks left in the year, your energy may be waning and life may feel a bit hurried. In this state, even if you’re sticking to your healthy habits, without continued vigilance it’s too easy to let boundaries slide and put your goals and priorities on the sidelines until things settle down. 

But then you feel, well, icky. What I call a holiday hangover.

Holiday Hangover

So, take note of your priorities and use these three tips to create more ease and satisfaction as you finish out 2022 and, as a bonus, side step the Holiday Hangover:

  1. Recommit: Remind yourself what’s most important for you and your family these next two weeks and say “no” to the rest. It’s tempting to over-commit, because often it all sounds like fun stuff. But sometimes we take on too much because we feel obligated. Be protective of your time and spend it where it’s most valuable.
  2. Chill out: If people around you are crazy busy, be a light in the darkness. Do not get caught up in the I’m-so-busy or I’ll-never-get-everything-done way of thinking. And avoid getting sucked into someone else’s drama. You can observe and be loving, but you don’t have to participate. Take a breath. Relax. 
  3. Endure: Keep your healthy habits in place, even if you have to modify them. Sleep, movement, nutrition, hydration, meditation…whatever you do, keep doing it. The tendency is to succumb to all-or-nothing, putting these habits on the back burner. Be flexible, most definitely, but be determined. These habits keep you sane, healthy and give you the energy you need for these last two weeks.

Take 2 minutes: close your eyes and take a deep breath. What do you want the rest of this month to look and feel like? Be brave. Be intentional. And may you finish out the year excited for new possibilities in 2023!

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