This year, no matter what…

Decide to have the body you want.

No matter what 2020 brought. No matter the uncertainty of 2021. You don’t control any of that. You control you. Even when you think you don’t.

What’s possible for your weight and health in 2021?

If you base your answer on what you’ve done or haven’t done in the past, please stop. Your past doesn’t equal your future. Unless you let it.

It feels hard to believe that you can do something you haven’t done before. My clients always start out in some form of disbelief:

“After turning 50, I’d given up on losing weight,” said Teresa who lost and kept off 20 lbs. for over two years now.

“But I hate exercise, and I love sugar,” said Chris who’s down 23 lbs., and enjoys her regular walks and healthy eating, even leaving room for cookies 😊.

“I’ve never been able to lose any more than 20 lbs. before I put it right back on,” said Holly who’s lost close to 50 lbs. while still enjoying food and wine.

These clients didn’t use willpower. They changed what they believed was possible. One small step at a time.

Decide to have the body you want and keep weight off, no matter what. What’s possible for your weight and health in 2021?
Photo by Andrew Wilus from Pexels

I challenge you to do it, too. Ask and answer these three questions:

  1. What do I believe is really possible for my weight and body?
  2. What thoughts do I have most often about my body and ability to change it?
  3. What’s the most positive thought that I can believe about my body and my capabilities?

That last one is key. The goal isn’t to fake it. If a positive thought is too hard – doesn’t feel true – move toward neutral. Try something like this for a start:

  1. I’m not a fan of exercise (a move away from “I hate exercise”)
  2. My body might surprise me (rather than “I’ve never been able to keep weight off”)
  3. I’m open to making progress
  4. I have a strong body
  5. I can learn from my success in other areas to help me lose weight and keep it off

This is your starting point. It’s not what you eat, your exercise…any of it. (That was your focus in the past, right?) You’ll only be consistent with those actions – and I mean really consistent, not a few weeks or months – when you start out with the right mindset. And keep that mindset throughout all the hard stuff.

This is your year. Yes, you can do it this time. It will be worth it.

You never have to end up “back here” again. The actions are easy. You know what to do. Start managing your mind to get it done.

Look at 2020 like a dumbbell

We talk about 2020 being a bad year. Or a…

Dumpster fire.



But in comparison to what?

I’m not making light. It’s that I think perspective is helpful. History is chock full of $h!i storms. But even so, beyond gaining perspective, I’m not big on comparisons.

I’d rather we decide what to do with what we have. To decide how to look at it. Interpret it. And most of all, how to respond. When we choose how to think and what to believe about our circumstances, we are in control.

No, we don’t control the things (pandemic, elections, fires). We control our response.

I’ve just come through a very challenging few months (on top of the pandemic and all the other “stuff”). Going into it, I told myself I would use the experience as my leadership development training.

And I had to remind myself of it daily. Sometimes hourly. And you know what? It worked.

It’s not even about the outcome (although I’m happy with it).

It was about who I was becoming in the process. It made me stronger for the next round. Because there will always be a next round.

When I was in my 20s and 30s, I sincerely thought I could get to a place where most things were handled. Wasn’t that cute?

My biggest lesson is continuing to live with the $h!t storms and letting them grow me into who I want to be.

Several coaching clients have lost 20, 30, even more than 40 lbs. during COVID. Because they decided there was no better time to care for their health and well-being. They used the challenge of a pandemic to do what they’d always wanted to do, but didn’t know how.

In a day-to-day context, look at challenges like a dumbbell. When you pick one up and use it, you’re growing your muscles. You may get sore, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Until you pick up a heavier one. Which is the only way to get stronger.

In a day-to-day context, look at challenges like a dumbbell. When you pick one up and use it, you’re growing your muscles.
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

We’re confronted with these “growth opportunities” constantly. For you it might be working from home along with everyone else in the household. Or dealing with a family member who drives you crazy. Or struggling to say no to another glass of wine at an event.

What is your dumbbell? Use each one to become the person you are meant to be. Want to be. Deserve to be.

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