It’s okay (even recommended!) to give yourself a gift during the holidays

I wrote a post in December 2019 about the five gifts to give yourself. That was pre-pandemic in the U.S. Nearly three months before we had any idea of the road ahead. And you know what? Shockingly, I wouldn’t change a thing.

I say “shockingly” because I tend to look back at what I’ve done and think I coulda shoulda done better. And at that time it was easy to be sanguine about the future. But I know how we are. You know it, too. Even with all we’ve been through – and continue to experience – we tend to think self-care is selfish

But the truth is, self-care ISN’T selfish. 

So, back to the gifts to give yourself. Here’s a quick recap: 

  1. A time out 
  2. A good life
  3. Permission
  4. Breathe
  5. Want what you have

And so I offer this to you again and encourage you to read the original post with fresh eyes and a curious mind. Can you give yourself a gift this holiday season?

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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