Here comes the pumpkin…you know what that means…

Friends on Facebook last week jokingly grumbled about Starbucks promoting their fall pumpkin beverages and treats. In August!

You know what that means? Peppermint is right around the corner.

We bemoan because the 50g of sugar in a 16oz. Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte does not help our pants fit. And a peppermint mocha is worse.

And part of us rejoices because, yum. In the case of peppermint, double yum.

But the deeper angst we feel is knowing that the season is coming. The season with gravy and fudge. Buttery mashed potatoes and Sees Candies. Hot buttered rum and hot chocolate.

It’s excitement and trepidation. Together. Which makes for an uncomfortable few months.

Friends on Facebook last week jokingly grumbled about Starbucks promoting their pumpkin spice latte. In August! You know what that means?
Photo by Hiroshi Tsubono on Unsplash

Instead, try these five strategies for a regret-free, deprivation-free fall:

  1. Make peace: The pumpkin and peppermint will be with us for months, along with all the other fat- and sugar-laden treats. It is what it is. Let it be. Observe it all. Don’t try to avoid all the food. Relax about it. Decide what and how much you will eat from a place of peace. Not deprivation. And definitely not availability.
  2. Set high standards: Eat something because you really want it. I mean really. This is quality over quantity. The worst reason for eating something is “because it’s there.” That’s like smoking a cigarette “because it’s there.” Ridiculous, right?
  3. Be smart: The barista doesn’t offer you half the pumps and no whip on your cup of sugary delight. So, ask for it. Look for ways to keep the yum and cut the excess. This includes recipes. Check out a list of 9 Healthy Holiday Recipes I’ve curated to do that.
  4. Find new favorites: My old fall favorite is a peppermint mocha. Hands down. But weekly…okay, twice a week…wasn’t serving me. Last year my mom introduced me to the delightfully unique assortment of Harney & Sons teas. My most recent favorite is organic ginger turmeric. So good. What old fall favorite could you replace anew?
  5. Splurge guilt-free: Make it good. Appreciate it. Do not beat yourself up for it. Decide ahead of time and like your reason for it. And splurging isn’t the same as binging. A splurge is indulging in a luxury. Binging is excessive. You know the difference by the energy you bring to it and how you feel after.

This is my favorite time of year. I love it all. Even though I’m no longer enthralled with my peppermint mochas, I love that they’re there. Strange, right?

Go into the fall with intention. Use these strategies. Be kind to yourself. Keep your commitments to yourself. You deserve it.


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