Three weeks in, how do you keep momentum?

You want the body. The health. The energy. But you’re starting to see some drift. It was easy for a few weeks. You thought “I’m going to do it this time.”

And now you’re doubting yourself.


Keep going back to the question: “what’s possible for my weight and health in 2021?”

The answer hasn’t changed.

But maybe you were expecting it to be easier. Or close to it. I mean, if you’re really serious this time wouldn’t you keep going no matter what?

In theory. But your two brains are in conflict.

Your Executive Brain develops and commits to a plan. She comes up with strategies, sets goals. She’s on fire! She deftly maneuvers around the offer for another glass of wine or nudges to have another piece of this or that. She does the hard things, and they become easier.

Enter the Toddler Brain. She wants another helping. Seconds of dessert. She doesn’t want to go for a run. She happily partakes from the office candy dish at 3pm. She thoroughly enjoys binging and scrolling all the channels. She doesn’t “feel” like doing any of the things your Executive Brain has planned.

Who wins?

You want the body. The health. The energy. But you’re starting to see some drift. Ask, "What’s possible for my weight and health in 2021?"
Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

The Executive Brain uses a lot of energy, which means it gets tired. If you don’t use the Executive to plan for the Toddler and manage your responses, the Toddler wins. She has way more energy in those moments of weakness, particularly at the end of the day. You’re spent. And she knows it.

But when you do the work to prepare, your Executive Brain has a greater chance of success.

Don’t start the day expecting smooth sailing, as though you’ll have no urges to go off track. That’s denial. Not planning.

And don’t be mad at the Toddler. She’s just doing her job. The job you’ve trained her for over decades.

And don’t get mad at yourself. Because it’s totally unhelpful.

Learn to manage your mind to achieve what’s possible for your weight and health in 2021. Use your Executive Brain to Uncover, Clarify, Transform, Plan, and Execute. When she gets tired and messes up, be gracious. Ask what the next best step is that you can take.

This is a lifelong practice. When you know that, you can relax. And your progress will be so much greater. You’re not trying to “get” anywhere. Simply take small steps, make incremental improvements, in the direction of what’s possible.

Do this consistently. Next year at this time, you’ll be astonished at what you accomplished.

What’s possible for your weight and health in 2021?

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