We’re way past normal

Not long ago, we looked forward to getting back to normal. Soon that was replaced with talk about the new normal.

And while we’re having conversations at local, state, national and global levels surrounding what’s normal, we personally have a concept of normal for our own lives.

When you think of how you eat, sleep, move your body, think about your body…what is your normal?

It’s interesting how many times I hear clients and others say they want to be more normal. Meaning, they want to eat like other people, not think about food so much and not have their weight be a problem.


If we’re honest, what’s normal is eating lots of CRAP foods. What’s normal is using food to distract us from uncomfortable feelings or to give ourselves a “treat.” What’s normal is to speak disparagingly about our bodies.

Photo by Kat Jayne from Pexels


The real problem with normal is thinking there’s an outer standard to live up to. That’s fine if we’re talking about things like economics, blood tests or the school system. Not so much when we’re talking about eating habits and body image.

Let’s blow up normal. Let’s each decide what we want for our health, our body and our life.

I’ve never talked to a woman, one who’s been through enough Weight Watchers, keto and exercise fads in her time, who didn’t have a sense of who she really is. It’s that who she is gets ignored and after a while she says things like, “I just want to feel like myself again.”

Let’s start there.

What does it mean to feel like yourself and what habits do you create in that space? Here are some questions to consider:

  • How can I move my body in ways that feel good and that I enjoy?
  • What foods do I find delicious that create better health?
  • How can I handle feeling sad, disappointed or angry without turning to food or wine?
  • What does it look like to treat myself at the end of a long day if I’m in tune with my values?
  • How can I keep my word to myself to not over-eat?

Asking is the first step to stopping self-sabotage and creating the habits and, ultimately, the body you want. And keep asking them because, as you do, your brain will come up with more answers to begin the process of feeling like you again.

Who needs normal?

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