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3 Proven Steps to

Stop Weight Loss Self-Sabotage

Do you ever start down the road of losing weight, but then…

- You get overwhelmed by your to-do’s and soon you’re back to your old habits?

- Even though you know what to do, you don’t feel like doing it?

- You’re out to eat or at a social event, and feel like you have no control over your food?

- You have a hard time making it a priority when so many other things need your attention?

- Stress hits and you go for comfort food, promising that tomorrow you’ll be good?


If so, you probably feel defeated and wonder if it’s worth trying again. I mean, you’ve tried so many things, why would this time be different?

Because, you’ll tackle the cause not the symptom.


Most weight loss programs provide a temporary “fix,” then convince you that YOU are the failure when they don't work, so you stay trapped, coming back for more...

You see, they focus on behavior – do’s and don’ts – but that brings short-lived results.

So even if you stick with it for a few days or weeks, and lose a few pounds…it’s unsustainable. So, you revert back to the same old behaviors, beating yourself up for not having enough willpower to keep going.


But the truth is, willpower is a short-term energy source. Being “good” works. Until it doesn’t.

You’re here because you’re smart enough to have figured that out.


So then, how do you get to a place where you are in control of your habits (rather than your habits controlling you)? A place where you don’t feel deprived, and you consistently make choices that let you feel good in your body and about your body?


The solution isn't finding the right diet or program.

The solution is to Stop Weight Loss Self-Sabotage.

That means achieving and maintaining your body’s ideal weight, for GOOD.


Just Imagine…

- Breaking old bad habits, and setting up new sustainable ones, without feeling deprived.

- Going out to eat or to social events without feeling like you’ve “blown it.”

- Feeling comfortable in the bedroom (you know, with the lights on!).

- Shopping for clothes again (and actually enjoying it).

- Walking into any situation, feeling confident and comfortable in your body.


Reserve your spot TODAY and get lifetime access.

You’re thinking, “Is that even possible for me?” Keep reading…

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“The only clothes in my closet that don’t fit are the ones that are too big for me!”

“I sought out Heather’s program because I wanted to lose weight, but what I got out of it was beyond what I expected.

Her method had me look at how I approached food and exercise. I could identify where my thinking was really skewed, which was holding me back no matter what I did.

I’ve lost 20lbs and kept if off for over a year. And it feels easy. I’ve never felt better!”

Mary Cravets, Business Strategist and International Speaker

“I’m at my goal weight and I’ve kept if off for years!”

“My entire life I’ve been unhappy with my weight, spending too much energy feeling bad about my body and trying (unsuccessfully) to lose the last 10lbs.

Heather changed that for me. She’s helped me see food, and my relationship to it, in a healthier way.

Now, I’m at my goal weight. More importantly, I’m no longer plagued with constant thoughts about food and what I should and shouldn't eat. It’s been life-changing for me!” ~ Tanya Erbstoesser

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Let’s address the cause.

No more white-knuckling.

No more being “good.”

Let’s Stop Weight Loss Self-Sabotage. 


Are you ready?

 Join me from the comfort of your own home for results-driven strategies and support! 

Here’s what you get:

The entire Stop Weight Loss Self-Sabotage System

Includes 14 video lessons and handouts to help you learn specific strategies to shift your mindset and start taking consistent, positive action. Here are the three modules:

1) Train Your Brain: Identify and un-do the sabotaging patterns that keep you stuck

2) Live into Your Future: Create your vision and take action to live it out

3) Commit and Do it: Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be with small, do-able steps that lead to big results


The Power of No

Do you have a hard time saying no, when you know you really need to? Do you ultimately say yes when you wish you’d said no? Saying no, and being clear on the right no’s, is a powerful piece of stopping self-sabotage. Get lifetime access to the video and accompanying tool to help you assess when and how to say no.


Overcome Perfectionism

Learn how to avoid the biggest mistake that keeps you from losing weight. You'll identify the excuses that prevent you from taking action, then put together a plan that adapts healthy habits to your lifestyle.


FREE Lifetime access

You will get FREE lifetime access to all recordings and materials in Stop Weight Loss Self-Sabotage so that you can continue taking positive action and never have to find yourself back at square one again.

With this powerful and practical course, you'll discover...

- The specific mindsets that keep you stuck, and how to replace them with ones that are powerful and positive.

- How to stick with healthy habits even when your schedule gets crazy and you feel like quitting.

- Simple steps you can take to make the process easier and experience ongoing success.

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Let's do this!