Small Steps = Big Results

Someone posted a graphic on Facebook that reads “I’m on two diets now…I wasn’t getting nearly enough food on just one.”

If you’ve been on a diet you likely relate.

I don’t mean the diet where you eat in moderation, paying attention to hunger and satiety.

I mean the diet where you fast, cut out complete food groups, or commit to never eating X, Y and Z again.

If you’re like me, you want big results in your life. The problem is thinking big steps will get you those results, because if you’re not fully prepared for those steps you’ll stumble after the first few. Has that happened before?

Our resources, including willpower, to take big steps are limited. And our brain fights us every big step of the way.

In my experience, this is the biggest barrier to losing weight and keeping it off…for good!

The solution is small steps. Concrete steps. Challenging, yet do-able steps.

Of course, small steps are not sexy. But they’re incredibly powerful.

Photo by Keenan Constance on Unsplash

Last year a client of mine lost 30lbs in nine months, and avoided his doctor putting him on statins. Another one lost 25lbs over the better part of a year, and she’s keeping it off and feeling better than ever. These are not overnight success stories. These clients took small, consistent steps that helped them to gradually reach their goals. And because the steps are do-able, they’ve maintained their results.

Try this: Think about how you would like to look and feel in six months. What would you be doing regularly if you were at that place? Now, what first small step can you start taking now that will move you further toward that goal?

Our culture promotes quantum leap success so we must be vigilant in ignoring those messages and creating a supportive environment for our small steps. You want to be ready for whatever actions you decide to take. If you’re only ready for one small change right now, then make that change. It will produce momentum when you’re ready for the next one.

If you want support with small steps, then join my FREE 5-Day Breakthrough Your Weight Loss Barriers Challenge. We started yesterday – it will be easy to catch up!

Remember that small changes produce big results. If you cultivate a bit of patience, and give yourself kudos for the changes you do make, rather than berate yourself for the ones you don’t, the process will feel a whole lot easier.

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