Let’s make sure you fit into your pants post-quarantine.

In this new normal do you find yourself working from home for the first time?

Or having your schedule and habits disrupted by the entire family being home now?


I know. It’s happening A LOT. And then the stress hits.

And you hit…

The pantry

The fridge

A glass or two (or three) of wine

Yoga pants will help for a while, but you know that’s not a long-term solution.

We each have a choice right now. We can hold on and just hope to survive. Or we can ask ourselves “what’s possible?” and set out to be our best selves this next 90 days.

Will you come out hanging on by a thread? Or will you get to the other side being the best possible version of you?

What if you looked back and said “During the 2020 chaos of corona virus, that’s when I got serious about my health and losing weight”?

How amazing would that be?

Please understand. I’m not minimizing the circumstances we face. I just believe there’s a way to face them that serves you and the world, that allows you to thrive.

That’s why I created a 90-day structure and accountability so that you have a place to help you do that.

Reserve your spot TODAY!

You’re thinking, “Is that even possible for me?” Keep reading…

Teresa Cushman

“Maintaining my success is what proved to me, this works!”

"Being over 50, I almost gave up on losing weight and keeping it off. Coaching with Heather, we discovered what works best for me and retrained my thinking for a healthy, sustainable way of life…and a 20 lb. weight loss!

Soon after coaching, my husband developed a bone infection, then had a heart attack. Work was chaotic, and I got Plantar Fasciitis. I learned that the habits and strategies I put in place with Heather work! Through it all, I continued to make better choices, and once life returned to normal, I hadn’t gained a single pound. Maintaining my success is what proved to me; this works! – Teresa Cushman

“I’m at my goal weight and I’ve kept if off for months!”

“My entire life I’ve been unhappy with my weight, spending too much energy feeling bad about my body and trying (unsuccessfully) to lose the last 10lbs.

Heather changed that for me. She’s helped me see food, and my relationship to it, in a healthier way.

Now, I’m at my goal weight. More importantly, I’m no longer plagued with constant thoughts about food and what I should and shouldn't eat. It’s been life-changing for me!” - Tanya Erbstoesser

Tanya Erbstoesser_testimonial picture

Join me from the comfort of your own home (because, where else are you going?!)  for 90-days of results-driven strategies and support! 

Here’s what you get:

First, you’ll get 90-days access to the entire Stop Weight Loss Self-Sabotage System:

You’ll learn specific strategies to shift your mindset and start taking consistent, positive action:

1) Train Your Brain: Identify and un-do the sabotaging patterns that keep you stuck

2) Live into Your Future: Create your vision and take action to live it out

3) Commit and Do it: Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be with small, do-able steps that lead to big results

The Power of No

Do you have a hard time saying no, when you know you really need to? Do you ultimately say yes when you wish you’d said no? Saying no, and being clear on the right no’s, is a powerful piece of stopping weight loss self-sabotage. Get lifetime access to the video and accompanying tool to help you assess when and how to say no.

Overcome Perfectionism

Learn how to avoid the biggest mistake that keeps you from losing weight. This helps you identify the excuses that keep you from taking action, then put together a plan that adapts healthy habits to your lifestyle.

Private Facebook Community

Engage with me and others for support as you make life-changing shifts.

WEEKLY accountability calls

Join me and others on this journey of being our best selves, of imagining what’s possible and creating it over 90 days.


You get FREE lifetime access to the Eat Well Lose Weight Challenge, the 5-module video program to take your weight loss program to the next level. You’ll discover the ONLY way to succeed at losing weight and keeping it off, identify the steps you need to take BEFORE starting a weight loss program, and create an environment that EXPONENTIALLY increases your odds for weight loss success

The value here is huge, but with challenging times I want to make this accessible to as many as possible. That’s why I’ve made the investment only $97 per month over the three-month period.

What’s possible for you in 90 days? Yes, let’s make sure your pants fit. And whatever else you want to achieve!

Join me now for only $97/month!

Yes, you get everything for just $97/month, for 3 months!

Let's do this!