Hello, I'm Heather.

I've loved all things health since college. Books, courses, certifications... I soak it all in.

I’ve also been critical of my body. Until I hit 40.

That’s when I saw a picture of 32-year-old me and thought “wow, I looked great!” But recognized that even then, I wasn’t happy with my body.

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I didn’t want to think the same thing of 40-year-old me at 50.

I decided I was done criticizing. It didn’t stop overnight, but that decision was the beginning.

Every day I work with clients who feel ashamed of their bodies. Who criticize their bodies. And who blame themselves for being unable to stick to a diet, for not having enough willpower.

And sometimes they feel like they should just give up. They say things like, “hey, maybe this is just what it’s like when you get older.”

Uh, hell no!

At 51, I decided to experiment. I wanted to see what was possible.

I lost the last 10 lbs. Actually, 12.

The key was, I didn’t focus on losing weight.

Believe me when I say I understand how crazy that sounds.

I decided what taking really good care of my health and body would look like. I had no fricking idea what was possible.

At 51. In menopause. Damn!

You can lose weight for a while using willpower. But to lose it and keep it off, you’ve got to flip the switch.

Starting out as a personal trainer more than 20 years ago, I thought my certifications and enthusiasm would be enough to change the world. Or at least get all my clients in shape.


Some did. Some didn't. Why?

Eventually, I discovered the problem. I was focusing on behavior rather than what causes behavior. It’s this aha that led me to develop my simple 5-step process to help my clients flip the switch to access their brain’s superpower and use it to reach and maintain their ideal weight.

This is good news for you! You’re not lacking some key piece of diet information. You already possess everything you need to flip the switch.

Think about it.

If you could simply change how you influence your behavior and then consistently apply just a fraction of the information you have about diet and exercise, you’d have some pretty amazing results.

If you know how to influence your behavior, anything is possible.

Willpower is a struggle. It’s a short-term energy source. It’s exhausting.

I show you how to stop relying on willpower and how to access your brain’s super power so you start losing weight, and keep it off.

I love to see my clients get back to enjoying food without the constant obsessing
about food and their body.

Get back to feeling like themselves again.

Life is easier, more comfortable.

Like easily-bending-over-to-tie-your-shoes comfortable.

Like not-hiding-your-body-in-pictures comfortable.

Like slipping-on-your-favorite-pair-of-pants-without-a-second-thought comfortable.

Yea. That kind of comfortable.

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