Do you know what you need to know about weight loss and health?

Is there anything new under the sun?

Yes, science regularly discovers health and weight loss information but most of the time we don’t even apply the information we have while we continue to seek more. It’s as though we expect something “new” is going to make it easier.

My final Year of 50 review focuses on the “Top 50 things I’ve learned about weight loss and health.” It’s about the basics that don’t change with the next shiny object. Shiny objects scatter your attention so that you never consistently apply what’s actually necessary to reach your most desired health and weight loss goals.

Weight loss is about basics that don’t change with the next fad or diet. Here are the top 5 things I've learned about weight loss and health.
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To stay focused on what really produces results, consider these 5 of the top 50 basics:

  1. Weight loss is a side effect of healthy choices, but not necessarily the first thing to occur. Which is a bummer because that’s what most often prompts behavior change to begin with. It’s important to find other markers of success so that you’re motivated to sustain your healthy habits long enough to see and feel more significant results.
  2. When you lose weight, you lose muscle in addition to fat. And when you go off a diet and gain weight back, it’s 100% fat so your metabolism is lower and your body burns fewer calories. That’s why on-and-off dieting makes it so hard to lose weight over time.
  3. Small steps go a long way. The tendency is to attempt huge changes, fail, then try again. If you get discouraged enough, you may stop trying, thinking something is wrong with you because you can’t just buck up and do it. But consider implementing small changes, daily, weekly, monthly…and watch how they add up. In a year you can make significant improvements, one small step at a time.
  4. Substituting “good” for “bad” foods as a late-night treat is still overeating if you’re not hungry. Why you eat is as important as what you eat.
  5. Spot reducing is a myth. Shrinking belly fat, for example, is about overall reduction. Focus on exercises that get you the most results for the time spent – you’ll see overall fat loss, including your “problem” area.

Isn’t it freeing to realize you don’t need to read one more fitness magazine, weight loss book or diet research study to tell you what you already know? Isn’t it exciting to consider that you have a lot of the information you already need? Consistently applying the basics is the best and fastest way to lifelong weight loss and feeling like yourself again.


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