If not now, when?

Does this sound familiar? You intend to start any number of healthy habits when life slams you upside the head. You get sick, work turns super stressful, you’re traveling a lot, etc., and you tell yourself the changes will have to wait. Soon, there will be a better time.

But that “better time” is elusive. And the lack of healthy habits and self-care only intensifies daily stress, which fuels the downward turn. We gain more weight. We have less energy. Our patience is strained. Everything suffers.

Everything we do, every day, either takes us closer to or further away from being strong, healthy and energetic.
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The truth is, there is no better time than now.

We are trained to think circumstances have to be “better” but really, that’s the perfectionist trap keeping us stuck in bad habits and poor health. Let’s be clear. You have to want the results of healthy behaviors. Your values and vision need to support your efforts because when they do, change is always possible.

People talk about making up for lost time or exercising off what they just ate. But these are just things we tell ourselves to feel better about poor decisions. Life doesn’t really work that way. Everything we do, every day, either takes us closer to or further away from being strong, healthy and energetic. Our habits either support our body’s ideal weight or move us away from it. And when we’re experiencing particularly stressful circumstances, if we put off good habits, the further away we find ourselves from what we desire. And the harder it is to change later.

Life isn’t static. Our circumstances change which means our behaviors will, too. My argument is not for doing it all no matter what. Rather, aim for excellence. That is, considering your values, goals, and situation, what is the best you can do in the moment? We’re always making choices, but they’re often not conscious or well-thought-out. Poor decisions often sound like “I deserve… another glass of wine, to zone out in front of the TV/internet…” Or the generic “I deserve a break.” Well, I think we all deserve MUCH better than that.

So, if not now, when? Are you ready to stop waiting for the “right time?”

The first step is to ask “What is the next best step I could take towards better health?” When you find yourself excusing poor choices, ask what would be a more nurturing solution. What does excellence look like for you in this moment?

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