I don’t need help. I know this stuff.

I’d been stuck for a while. Years in fact. And I know better. I’m a certified exercise physiologist after all (you can imagine that record playing in my head, right?).
My strength training routine was in a rut. Spotty, too. But I wasn’t about to ask for help. (I know what to do!)
As coincidence would have it, my massage therapist referred me to a personal trainer so that I could learn to use the foam roller on my tight back muscles. But then we started talking, one thing lead to another, and over a few sessions Rose had shown me a whole new strength routine.
When I told my husband he asked “don’t you know how to do all that stuff?”
Thanks, hun!
Well, yes and no. I know form and technique. I know that specific movements at specific joints will work specific muscles. But new equipment and machines have come on the scene since I got certified 20 years ago! I’d seen things like TRX and Bosu at the gym, and had taken a mat Pilates class here and there, but most of what I did for strength training was boiler plate 1990s.
What was the problem? Why didn’t I just do what I knew I needed to do, and knew how to do? Honestly, I was bored. And sometimes I expected too much of myself, creating a whole different set of problems. I needed an outside perspective.
Have you done that, too? You know what you need to do and how to do it so you insist on going it alone. And as the months and years tick by, you still aren’t where you want to be.
Instead, why not pattern ourselves after the experts. Dustin Johnson, ranked #1 in the world for most of this year, has a golf coach and a swing instructor. Steve Jobs had a coach for many years. Delve into the habits of successful people and you’ll find they aren’t in it alone. In fact, the more successful, the more they rely on the support and expertise of others.
Are there changes you need to make to be successful, to thrive? Are there areas in your life where an outside perspective could help you overcome what’s keeping you stuck? Act like the experts, and hire one!
I love feeling stronger – I wish I’d done this sooner. I can tell you, I won’t wait next time. I’ll be back with a professional to keep my routine fresh and challenging. Thank you, Rose Nielsen!

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