Overcome the 5 obstacles to change

Fourteen months ago I moved my car out of the garage for a month while we worked on a shelving project. It took longer than expected and soon we also had boards to make shutters for the outside front of the house. They’re all in various stages of being cut, sanded, and stained. But honestly, there’s no good reason why my car is still parked outside.

Can you relate?

It’s like the woman who hired me ten years ago as her coach. She’d initially contacted me two years previously. Why the gap? At the time she said, “I think I have all the information to do what I need to do.”

Take a minute. Imagine. What if you put into action all the information that you have to achieve the results that you want? What’s possible for your weight, health, body?

The “right” information can distract from the real reason you don’t make progress. With health and weight loss, like most things, there are countless resources to consult that can keep you in research mode without ever taking substantial action.

Consider these five obstacles to change and what you can do to overcome them:

  1. You haven’t identified a compelling reason to change. Research shows that even after a heart attack, only 14% of patients make any lasting changes around eating or exercise. Identifying your ultimate motivation is an essential first step to lasting change.
  2. You wait for circumstances to be just right. Once you land the big account, the kids are back in school, the kitchen remodel is finished…then you’ll get started. But you never start because things are never perfect. So, get started anyway.
  3. Experience tells you you’ll fail, so why bother? Guess what? You will. Expect it. Learn from it. Get value from your failure (otherwise, true, why bother?).

    The "right" information can distract you from losing weight. Consider these 5 obstacles to change and how you can overcome them.
    Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash (Haven’t read the book – just love the title/subtitle!)
  4. You’re rebelling. You know that person in your life who tries to get you to change? You’d rather eat a Double-Double than give him the satisfaction of eating a salmon salad, even if you want the salad. Crazy how we’re wired! But rebellion is self-sabotage, a false independence. Understand what is truly motivating you.
  5. Your goal is vague and “out there.” Goals like “be healthy” or “be happy” must be grounded in specifics. And, there must be a time parameter to your goal otherwise you’ll get to it when you get to it, maybe.

So, I will be parked in the garage by April 15th (something to celebrate on tax day!). I’m motivated, I’ve chunked the projects down, I’m seeking help (did I fail to mention the unfinished pillars at the front door?) and now I’m accountable.

What are your obstacles to change? Learn to build resilience so that you not only get started on your goals but stick with them and accomplish the things that really matter to you.

What will you commit to doing?

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