Do you want to go out to eat without the stress of being on a diet? Do you want to feel confident in your body and about your body?

Then join the

30-Day Don’t Diet Challenge!

I bet you have a love/hate relationship with food.

Like... you love food but you hate that your pants don't fit.

Or, you love food but you hate feeling guilty for eating something you “shouldn’t.”

Undoubtably you've tried diets (who hasn’t?) and because of the roller coaster of losing and re-gaining weight, your relationship with food may be getting MORE dysfunctional.

Let me tell you…diets are the biggest legal con job around!

They provide a temporary “fix,” then convince you that YOU are the failure when they don't work, so you stay trapped, coming back for more...

And still, your pants don’t fit.

Where else would you willingly set yourself up for failure . . . then be shocked when it didn't work . . . beat yourself up, and do it again (and again and again)???

So how do you get to a place where you still enjoy food, and can make choices that let you feel good in your body and about your body?

The solution isn't finding the right diet.

The solution is to change your mindset around food, for GOOD.

Imagine getting off the diet roller coaster.


Don’t Diet and Imagine…

  • Eating without feeling deprived.
  • Feeling comfortable in the bedroom (you know, with the lights on!).
  • Shopping for clothes again (and actually enjoying it).
  • Walking into any situation, feeling confident and comfortable in your body.
  • Going out to eat without worrying if something is on your diet.

Introducing the…

30-Day Don’t Diet Challenge

Ready to get off the Diet Roller Coaster,
Start Enjoying Food and
Feel Good in your Body and About your Body?

Here’s how it works…

This 30-day challenge is led by me (Heather Moreno).

You get…

Recordings of every session:

Not sure you can make it to all the live sessions? No worries! You get a video recording of every session.

Private Facebook Community:

Engage with others going through same challenges who are making the Don’t Diet Commitment.

Don’t Diet Tools & Handouts:

  • Diet v. Non-Diet Thinking
  • The Hunger Scale
  • How to Become an Intuitive Eater (identify your eating style)
  • Visioning Template
  • Letting Go Worksheet
  • And much more!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Session 1 – understand why diets keep you stuck and commit to not dieting for 30 days

Session 2 – identify your current eating habits and damaging behaviors

Session 3 – learn how to get your true needs met and stop self-sabotaging

Session 4 – change your mindset for a lifestyle you enjoy

Each session will consist of core principles you'll be able to integrate right away and time for Q&A.

Each time we meet you’ll evaluate where you are in the Don’t Diet process and what to do next to make progress. You’ll be around people going through same’ll learn, celebrate together and encourage one another.

And, you’ll know how to take this way beyond the 30 days.


What would it be worth to you to be able to enjoy food, be healthy and strong, and feel sexy in your own skin…without ever dieting again?

If you’re ready to stop the self-sabotage, start feeling better in your body and about your body, and commit to stop dieting, then start now.

Don’t wait…we start on the 11th of September!

Click the button below and enroll in the 30-day Don’t Diet Challenge right now. I can’t wait to get started and support you in getting off the diet roller coaster and feeling like yourself again. Let’s do this together!