Coach with Heather

Work with me personally to create a healthy lifestyle that has you happily sliding into your favorite outfit and feeling fabulous.

And don’t worry, I'm not going to tell you to count calories or put you on a really restrictive diet.

Schedule a Clarity Call to see if coaching is the next step for you.

Coach with Heather

Work with me personally to create a healthy lifestyle that has you happily sliding into your favorite outfit and feeling fabulous.

And don’t worry, I'm not going to tell you to count calories or put you on a really restrictive diet.

Schedule a Clarity Call to see if coaching is the next step for you.

No matter what you wear or what room you walk into, feel completely at ease in your body and totally comfortable with being seen.

Tap into an energy where you can tackle all of those important things on your office to-do list and still have oomph at the end of the day for a romantic night with your sweetie.

It’s totally doable. I promise.

Through personalized coaching, I help you transform your relationship with your body and food that has you feeling more fabulous after 50 than you ever did in your 30s.

Coaching with Heather you will:

  1. Discover how to stay motivated to keep eating the foods that nourish and feel good to your body. Even when life gets busy and things feel tough, you won't feel like quitting.
  2. Unlock your brain’s super power so that you stop late night snacking, obsessing about food, and hiding your body.
  3. Bridge the gap from your current body to your ideal weight, creating a lifestyle you enjoy.
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"The only clothes in my closet that don’t fit are the ones that are too big for me!

I sought out coaching with Heather because I wanted to lose weight, but what I got out of it was beyond what I expected.

Her method had me look at how I approached food and exercise. I could identify where my thinking was really skewed, which was holding me back no matter what I did.

I’ve lost 25lbs and kept if off for two years. Even during COVID! I've learned how to maintain my habits, and pivot when needed. And it feels easy. I’ve never felt better!

~ Mary Cravets, Business Strategist and International Speaker

If you’ve attempted many times and ways to lose weight but they never stick, I get it.

I'm not going to offer something you've already tried before.

I will not regurgitate the same things that didn't work for you in the past. I have a different solution made just for you through this personal coaching approach.

You can go from doubting that it's possible for you to seeing amazing incremental changes every single day.

I’ve worked with scores of women for the past 20 years who all share the same struggle.

They came to me after trying everything they could think of to get the body they want and feel the way they want it to feel.

And through our work, using a very different approach, they accomplished what they never thought would be possible for them.

They’ve done it. I’ve done it. So can you.

“I’m slipping into pants 3 sizes smaller than before!

If food was in front of me, I ate it. At 62, I had "rolls" around my middle and felt so uncomfortable in my clothes.

Heather taught me a completely different way to lose weight, without the ups & downs. She armed me with strategies to combat emotional and boredom eating. I "hated" exercise, but with Heather's approach I'm happily active to this day.

I’ve created a sustainable healthy lifestyle I truly enjoy, easily maintaining my habits for 3 years (and counting!), and slipping into pants 3 sizes smaller than before.” ~ Jennifer Kuntz

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I won't force you to count calories, track carbs or go keto.

Instead, I show you how to follow through on the promises you make to yourself.

Through one-on-one coaching I help you design a healthy lifestyle, one where you eat foods that you really like and get to have the body you want.

Really. Picture this.

You’re out to eat with your friends and you know exactly what you want. You didn’t haul your own food just to feel good about the ingredients and you confidently enjoy every bite knowing you can stop when you’re full. And the next day you wake up with a clear conscience.

Anytime someone throws a wrench in your schedule you don't default to Whoppers and Cheez-its at your desk, because you already know how to plan for these situations.

And if you ever feel like you stray there’s no such thing as "cheating" or making mistakes. You’re learning to listen to your body, understand your cravings, and if you do happen to eat something that doesn’t feel too great later, it’s not going to derail your progress and results.

Flip the switch in your brain so you...

love getting dressed and feel amazing in your clothes.

enjoy food without worrying about your weight.

feel like yourself again.

Weight Breakthrough® coaching is a personalized approach that would be impossible to receive on a generic diet plan.

You get a high touch, customized experience, that can only be achieved through coaching.

Instead of mustering up more willpower for the next diet or infomercial exercise plan, you'll comfortably follow through with your healthy habits because they're personalized to your likes and lifestyle.

You're getting so much more than a few tips or being told to try a few things out.

I work with you one-on-one. You get lots of hands-on attention and personal guidance.

Losing weight and actually keeping it off requires accessing your brain’s super power so that you can do exactly what you need to do to lose weight and keep it off.

And that’s what I show you how to do when we coach together.

Want to know if it's the right next thing for you to do? Schedule a Clarity Call to find out.

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Step #1

You'll be taken to my online calendar where you get to choose the time and day that works for you.

Step #2

You'll receive a link to a brief questionnaire via email. Please make sure to fill it out before our call.

Step #3

Prepare yourself to come to this confidential, judgment-free call where I take the time to get to know you and your health and weight loss goals and discuss options for you to have the experience and transformation you're looking for.


“Maintaining my success is what proved to me, this works!

Being over 50, I almost gave up on losing weight and keeping it off.

Coaching with Heather, we discovered what works best for me and retrained my thinking for a healthy, sustainable way of life...and a 20 lbs. weight loss! Even during times of high stress, I’ve continued the habits and strategies I put in place with Heather.

Two years later, maintaining my success is what proved to me, this works!” ~ Teresa Cushman