Teresa Cushman

“Being over 50, I almost gave up on losing weight and keeping it off. Coaching with Heather, we discovered what works best for me and retrained my thinking for a healthy, sustainable way of life…and a 20 lbs. weight loss! Even during times of high stress, I’ve continued the habits and strategies I put in place with Heather. Two years later, maintaining my success is what proved to me; this works!

Nancy Hicks

“Food was my biggest problem. I’d cut out bread and sweets but go right back to them, rationalizing I deserved it. Working with Heather helped me understand why I was sabotaging myself and I learned to change my negative behaviors. I now enjoy food without over-eating. I’m stronger, have greater endurance and my clothes are loose! And I know have the internal resources to sustain this lifestyle.”

Verena LT

“I used to struggle with defining success and setting realistic goals when it came to my health and self-care. Heather’s coaching helped me identify what I really wanted and to celebrate my successes rather than focus on my shortfalls. I learned how to better plan and then follow through consistently. Now I’ve reduced my BMI and healthy habits have become my norm.”