Why do we think self-care is selfish?

Do you find yourself saying yes when you wish you’d said no? Do you consistently sacrifice your own self-care to take care of others? If so, you’re not alone! Women tell me all the time that they feel selfish taking care of themselves, or saying no to the requests...
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How can hacks help you reach your goals?

I’m a sucker for hacks, tips…anything to reach my goals faster.  From simplifying techniques to business strategies, I love them!  I offer them, too, like my 10 Hacks to start losing weight and feeling better. But do hacks help you reach your goals? Maybe. Hacks work if… you’re all-in...
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5 tested strategies to achieve what you really want

She said, “I’m trying to lose weight.” But her actions are off and on. She’s trying, but what really happens? Not much. Trying is the verb we use to justify our lack of action. Our excuse. Then we struggle with the cognitive dissonance of wanting to do something and...
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