The problem & solution are amazingly simple

Knowledge is power. Is that true? It is, when knowledge is put into action and applied towards achieving a desired outcome. But in and of itself it can do nothing. Your success is determined not by reading this blog post or a best-selling book, listening to a podcast or...
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What will life be like when you lose weight?

You might say… “I’ll look hot & awesome, and feel amazing!” “I’ll have the energy and confidence to achieve anything I want.” “I’ll feel comfortable in the bedroom…with the lights on!” And those are all true! But you know what? Sometimes you’ll feel sad, angry, unsure of yourself…any number...
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You ever not hungry, but really want food?

I recall an afternoon more than fifteen years ago when I found myself foraging through the kitchen cabinets looking for something to eat. As I searched it dawned on me “I’m not hungry!” In my last blog post I emphasized that if you’re hungry for a particular food –...
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