3 Ways to Know if “Moderation” is Sabotaging You

“Everything in moderation.” Have you ever heard that? Have you said that? Yeah, me, too. What do we mean, though? After all, we’re not talking about obeying laws in moderation or using heroin in moderation. We mean things like eating cake and drinking wine in moderation. But how do...
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How to avoid weight gain on vacation

I remember a trip to Maui in my 20s with friends. We rented a condo and so had the ability to make our own strawberry daiquiris, with ice cream, EVERYDAY! If memory serves, it was more than one a day. Was that essential to having a good vacation? My...
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I want a guarantee!

Have you ever said that? I know I have. And it often comes when faced with a decision that involves a significant investment of money, time or energy. Or sometimes a combination of all three, at which point we really desire surety that we’re making the right decision. What...
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