5 tested strategies to achieve what you really want

She said, “I’m trying to lose weight.” But her actions are off and on. She’s trying, but what really happens? Not much. Trying is the verb we use to justify our lack of action. Our excuse. Then we struggle with the cognitive dissonance of wanting to do something and...
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5 gifts to give to yourself

I love giving to others, whether the perfectly curated gift, my time and attention, or simply love. Isn’t it the best? But we don’t often think of giving to ourselves. While we may consider the gifts on our list, or how we hope others will behave for our benefit,...
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3 tips on how to stay healthy during the holidays

People want to stay healthy during the holidays, so I asked the members in my FB group what small intention they could set and honor to carry them through the season. One comment struck me in particular. A member decided that she could have See’s candy at any time...
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