I eat for all the reasons

During a client’s initial session, I asked what she thought she needed to stop doing. She admitted to late-night eating, and suspected that’s a big reason why she was struggling with being overweight. But she didn’t expect what came next. There’s something about becoming aware. About making changes. About...
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Are you focusing on the wrong things?

Ever notice that when you decide to lose weight things get in the way? You wake up Monday to a busted water heater, and your plan to begin exercising that morning evaporates. The CEO calls you into a lunch meeting and you’re starving. Your plan for a salad vanishes...
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What’s the reason you overeat?

It tastes so good. It’s my favorite. It’s a special occasion. I deserve to treat myself. I’m bored. You might relate to any or all of these. Or others. But none of them are the reason you overeat. The real reason is that overeating serves a purpose greater than...
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