Why is it hard to eat healthy?

I had the privilege of writing a guest blog for Healthy Nurse Healthy Nation and asked that I might share it with all of you. So, reprinted with permission from ANA Enterprise’s Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™…enjoy! Nutrition is a key, controllable factor affecting our health. But sadly, the CDC...
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How to balance a robust professional and personal life

I listened to a recent interview with Susan Rice, U.S. National Security Advisor from 2013 to 2017. She’s been under pressure in a way that most of us will – gratefully – never experience. Yet each of us has our own pressures, which are no less significant. What stood...
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The Best Way to Lose Weight is a No-Brainer

Search for the best way to lose weight and you’ll find almost 900 million results in a nanosecond. The sheer volume is dizzying. Combine that with conflicting theories and promises, it’s no mystery why we’re confused. So I thought, what if I could make weight loss a no-brainer? I...
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