What’s the reason you overeat?

It tastes so good. It’s my favorite. It’s a special occasion. I deserve to treat myself. I’m bored. You might relate to any or all of these. Or others. But none of them are the reason you overeat. The real reason is that overeating serves a purpose greater than...
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Questions are so powerful, but not all are created equal. Here are three questions that will keep you from losing weight, and how to turn them around to bring about powerful and positive answers.

3 Questions that keep you from losing weight

“I feel like I am so fat. There was a skirt at Harrods for half off that I really wanted but my stomach is too big. Will I ever be thin?” That was my journal entry on January 26, 1989, less than three weeks into my semester in London....
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I’m having an 80s flashback

I learned to type in 1985 by playing Letter Invaders. I didn’t set out to intentionally learn it. It was my senior year of high school, in my Accounting I class. I’d finish my work early, so the teacher put me in the Accounting II class. (Sorry, I should...
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