Are you living up to your expectations?

HeatherMVIP_Working-49How does it feel to be halfway through 2017? Are you living up to the expectations you set for yourself back in January? If you’re rocking it, awesome! If not, how are you falling short? Truth is, most of us are likely somewhere in between, doing well on some things and not so much on others.
For those goals where you’re following through, what’s helped? What can you learn from your experience that will enhance your ability to succeed in the tougher areas? What skills do you possess, or have you cultivated this year, on which you can rely to succeed further?
In the areas you’re lagging, what do you need to do? What habits do you need to create or let go? What support do you need to be more successful than you’ve been to date?
What we’re really talking about is being in integrity with ourselves. I often ask clients to assess their satisfaction with how well they keep their commitments. Not surprisingly, most say they’re superb at keeping commitments to others, but stink at keep commitments to themselves. (I’m paraphrasing. They use much stronger language!)
The temptation six months in is to ignore, or make excuses for, the goals we haven’t achieved… we’re busy, it takes too much time, and we’ll take a fresh look next January. But I notice that the longer we’re out of integrity the bigger the mountain we face, blocking us from what we really want. And the less confidence we have in being able to actually make significant positive changes.
The next six months will come and go and you can choose to be closer to your goals. Reassess, recommit and do it now. Don’t wait for another New Year, or any other perceived perfect time. That perfect time is today.
If you know what you need to do but are struggling to do it on your own, I invite you to have a conversation me. Schedule a complimentary strategy session now!

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