Feels like you’ve TRIED EVERYTHING to get (and stay) healthy?

Feels like you’ve TRIED EVERYTHING to get (and stay) healthy?

Rather than meticulously counting points, carbs or calories, ready to stick to something that actually works?

Something that’ll fill your days with vitality and a reclaimed ENJOYMENT of food (while still making progress)?

I know the #1 thing that stops women over 50 from feeling healthy and having the body they want (and it’s not a diet).


This FREE training is going to show you:


  • Willpower isn't the problem so it’s definitely NOT the solution! I’m not here to harp on other grown women about self-discipline! Learn why your mind and body may resist certain ways of losing weight and getting healthy.
  • How to spot the signs of self-sabotage before they have a chance to ruin your day! You take that evening walk you planned over binge-watching a show you barely enjoy. Instead of reaching for that second bowl of ice cream you’re not sure your body wants, you’re fully satisfied by the delicious dinner (and dessert) you planned.
  • The one trick you can rely on to create a healthy routine that works under any condition. You can still stay on track, even if life throws a wrench in your plans (such as an unplanned 12-hour workday or missed alarm clock). The goal is to create a lifestyle that you can live with, not struggle against!
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Meet Heather

I spent years picking apart my body, telling myself I deserved "something sweet" after dinner, and starting each day over, trying to be "good." But then I stopped... and lost the last 10 lbs (at 51 and in menopause!).  

I love to see my clients get back to enjoying what they eat without the constant obsessing about food and their body...to get back to really feeling like themselves again.

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