5 Questions to Ask if You Struggle to Reach Your Goals

Have you noticed that working towards any goal typically requires more effort than you first expected? For example, you set a goal to lose weight and you think “nutrition and exercise.” You gather all the right information and start doing all the right things. But then you discover that it doesn’t all go according to plan. Eventually, you’re back in your old habits and discouraged that you can’t make it work.
I get it. This happens all the time. When it comes to health and weight loss, we’re not programmed to think holistically. Sure we give it lip service, but it always comes back to monitoring food, counting steps and increasing exercise. It’s not that those things play no role in being healthy, of course they do. But smart people (you!) know these things. So what’s the problem?
The good news is that all your nutrition and exercise efforts can work, if you figure out what’s getting in your way of being consistent. Ask yourself these five questions about your behavior:

Do you ever set out to lose weight, gathering all the information and doing all the right things? But then struggle to reach your goals? What happened?
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  1. What could I stop doing? You know, a couple of years ago I totally stopped playing video games. It was too easy for 15 minutes of downtime to become an hour (or two) throughout the day. Now I read a lot of books each year! Where you could find some time for what you really want to do?
  2. What could I do less of? For some, this is where TV and internet time come into play. Statistics show we spend a startling number of hours in front of the screen. How could less of something enhance your well-being? A few months ago I stopped listening to the news in the car (but still watch/listen at home). This has created much more peace while driving!
  3. What could I keep doing? Recognize the habits you currently have in place that support your goals. Health-enhancing activities like meditation and practicing gratitude are things my clients are often doing when we first meet. What are you doing that you want to make sure to continue?
  4. What could I do more of? Sometimes it’s easier to build on what you’re already doing than it is to stop or start something. What habit is already in place that if you did more of it would move you in the right direction?
  5. What could I start doing? If you don’t already, think about scheduling healthy habits into your calendar. A maintenance client shared with me that she had stopped calendaring her workouts because it had become a habit. But when her schedule became more challenging, exercise dropped off. After a couple of weeks, she decided it had to go back on the calendar. What action or habit calls to you that you’d like to start doing?

And there you have it! Five questions to consider if you want to make health and well-being a priority and actually be successful. Now, go check out my 5 tested strategies to achieve what you really want.

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